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whats the Rigid-flex pcb ?

A Rigid-Flex PCB is a hybrid circuit board combining elements of both flexible circuit boards and rigid circuit boards, with an end result of a board that is able to be folded or continuously flexed and is normally formed into a flexed shape or curve during the manufacturing process.

Rigid-Flex pcb board advantage and disadvantages


1. Bendability

2. High-density wiring

3. Stability

4. Space saving

5. Reliability


1. High cost

2. Manufacturing difficulty

3. Reliability is affected by the environmentReliability

4. Difficult maintenance


1. Industrial use: including industrial, military and medical fields. These areas of product requirements for hard and soft board: high reliability, high precision, low impedance loss, complete signal transmission quality, durability, etc. Because the process is complex and the output is small, the production cost is high.

2, mobile phone: The application of soft and hard board in the mobile phone, common are folding mobile phone round point, image module, button and RF module.

3, consumer electronics: the soft and hard boards used by DSC and DV are the most representative. In terms of performance, the soft and hard boards can be connected to different PCB hard boards and components in three dimensions, which can increase the total use area of the PCB under the same line density, improve the circuit load capacity, and reduce the signal transmission limit and assembly error rate of the contact. In terms of structure, the soft and hard board is light and thin, and it can flex the wiring, which is of substantial help to reduce the volume and reduce the weight.

4, car: commonly used to connect the keys on the steering wheel to the mother board, the connection of the car video system screen and the control panel, the operation connection of the audio or function keys on the side door, the reversing radar image system, sensors, vehicle communication system, satellite navigation, the back seat control panel and the front controller connection board, the vehicle external detection system, etc.

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