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PCBA standard

STG Electronic has a sound management system to provide customers with high quality products

In PCBA processing and electronics manufacturing processes,

STG Electronic strictly implements SOP specifications and IPC electronic acceptance standards to ensure high stability of customers' products. STG has accumulated rich experience in SMT chip processing technology. Common problems such as welding and lack of materials can be effectively controlled.

According to international IPC and ISO9001 standard management system, we ensure that products are executed in accordance with standard procedures, post Settings are reasonable, responsibilities are clear, and IQC and IPQC quality control is implemented in place.

STG pays attention to the quality of the circuit board and the PCBA quality control system. We have more than 10 years of experience in the procurement of electronic components, and maintain long-term cooperation with customers to ensure the original packaging and procurement channels of components. In the packaging process of components, the selection of thousand and alpha solder paste to ensure the reliability of welding, with automatic printing press, automatic high-speed placement machine, upper and lower eight temperature zone reflow, AOI automatic optical detector, X-ray detector, etc., can effectively ensure the reliability and quality of electronic packaging process. In the process of producing PCBA, strict implementation of ESD anti-static control requirements.

In addition, perfect IPC, IPQC, OQA and other management processes, clear job responsibilities, strict implementation of IPC electronic assembly acceptance standards. For PCBA testing, we have professional engineers, using a variety of test stands to carry out 100% batch testing, including channels, noise, amplitude, signal, temperature, humidity, drop or the implementation of customer's detailed test plan, to ensure the stable

Quality Management Process

DFM check

Check the following items of customer designed PCB, BOM, schematic diagram and finished product assembly manual:

1. File version and last update time

2. Process: lead/no lead

3. Clear component bit number and screen printing

4. BOM containing manufacturer's brand, part number, description and place number

5. Confirm the PCB production process: material, board thickness, copper thickness, layer number, surface treatment, character color and special process

6. Reasonable PCB layer and assembly method

7. Provide the correct SMT patch file

8. Perfect program burning and functional test program

9. Clear finished product assembly manual and schematic diagram

10. Other special process requirements

New product introduction meeting

Organize sales department, Engineering Department, production Department, Purchasing Department, Quality Department and other personnel to hold new product introduction meeting:

1. Detailed introduction of customer project background, product application scope, delivery date and special requirements

2. Determine internal customer number and product number

3. Specify the production batch, purchase and delivery quantity

4. Evaluate the project's process difficulty and key quality control points

5. Specify the procurement cycle of PCB and electronic components

6. Draft production plan

7. Preparation of fixtures, fixtures and auxiliary materials required in the production process

8. Make clear the test plan of customers' products

New product introduction meeting

PCB manufacturing

We strictly control the following key points of quality in the manufacturing of PCB:

1. High-quality brand plate

2. Select the top 10 PCB suppliers in the country

3. Continuously establish supplier relationship management

4. With the ability to complete 3mil line width, multi-layer, HDI, impedance, blind buried hole process

5. All PCB delivered to our company must be 100% electrical test

Electronic component procurement

1.100% Purchase according to the brand and part number specified in the customer's BOM (unless the customer agrees in writing to purchase other alternative materials due to the purchasing cycle)

2. Purchase materials through regular channels such as first-level agents and top traders

3. Certificate of origin of first-level agents can be provided

4. Have a good centralized procurement advantage, get a shorter procurement cycle, the latest material year, stock advantage, etc

5. Provide perfect original technical support

Components sourcing

IQC incoming material inspection

1. Measure the thickness of PCB

2. Check whether the through hole and ink of the PCB are blocked

3. Check whether the PCB is warped and deformed, and whether the silk screen is clear

4. Check whether the PCB has defects such as broken cables and jumpers

5. Place the PCB in reflow welding for furnace temperature test to check whether it is yellow or deformed

6. Check whether the batch number, material number, and screen print of the incoming electronic components are consistent with the BOM

7. Incoming electronic components are placed on the PCB bare board for fitting test of pad or through hole

8. Random check the resistance value and capacity value of incoming electronic components, and compare with BOM

9. Check whether the surface of the incoming electronic components is scratched, deformed, broken feet, short feet and other bad appearance

Component storage and solder paste printing

1. Professional constant temperature and humidity box to store sensitive components

2. Bake some PCB/IC/BGA with strict requirements for 2-12 hours to remove surface moisture and enhance solderability

3. Use first-line brand solder paste

4. Open high-quality laser steel mesh

5. Perfect solder paste freezing, thawing and stirring operation procedures

6. Equipped with automatic solder paste printing machine to ensure consistency and reliability of solder paste printing in mass production process

Solder paste printing
SMT assembly

SMT assembly

1. Samsung SM471/481/482, Fuji CP8/CP6 series of high-speed automatic SMT mounter, accuracy of 01005

2. Equipped with electric Feida to reduce the throwing rate and the probability of failure warning

3. Support mainstream chip types, such as QFN, SOP, SOT, TSOP, QFP, BGA, PLCC

4. The maximum capacity of SM471 single machine is 75,000 pieces per hour

5. Equipped with 16 temperature zone reflow welding, set qualified furnace temperature curve

6. Use the furnace temperature tester every 4 hours to detect the furnace temperature and record it

7. Use AOI optical detector to detect wrong parts, missing parts, reverse and virtual welding in batches

8. Use x-Ray to prepare the board containing dense ball BGA

DIP assembly

1. Strict working instructions

2. Open wave crest welding fixture for mass production to ensure the reliability and consistency of welding

3. Adopt well-known brand wave soldering

4. Equipped with 3 plug-in production lines to meet the needs of mass production

5. Equipped with engraving machine, the engineering department will issue a test rack according to customer requirements, which is capable of completing the program burning and functional testing of mainstream chips

DIP assembly