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Your Trusted EMS Partner


Medical Device

STG has been manufacturing medical equipments for over 20 years

STG has been manufacturing medical equipments for over 20 years and is committed to providing the medical industry with the best of first-class products and customer service from PCB design to manufacturing.

· Some of the projects we have completed go into the following:

· Atrial fibrillation (AF) Products

· Powered surgical instruments.

· Therapeutic products

· Microdermabrasion skin-revitalizing treatment

· Aesthetic systems

· Cell-based therapeutics

· Medical and surgical lighting equipment

· Medical Physics Magnetic Resonance Imaging

· Tear-stimulation devices

· Patient Care Monitoring Systems

· UltraSync ECG synchronization

· Anesthetic gas monitoring systems

· Handheld pulse oximeter

Design and Engineering

• PCB Design

• Free DFM Check

• BOM Review

• Rapid Prototype

Electronic Manufacturing

• PCB Manufacturing

PCB Assembly

• Cable Assembly

• Electromechanical Assembly

• Plastic and Metal parts

Testing and Inspection

• Incoming Quality Control

• Customized Testing

• Functional Test


Value Added Services

Supply Chain Management


• Product Certification Assistance