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Fundamental concept of Aluminum pcb

Aluminum pcb used an aluminum substrate instead of traditional fiberglass substate.its used in application which need to be lightweight and durable.The aluminum substrate provide excellent heat dissipation properties

Advantage of the aluminum pcb board

1:competitive cost :lower cost to produce compare with traditional pcbs

2:Lightweight:suit for the appliacations where weight is connect .Such as automotive electronics

3:durable and environment friendly:Aluminum is non-toxic and recycle

4:Excellent thermal conductivity: make it ideal for dissipating heat from high-power components


Performance: The comparison of wire (copper wire) and fuse current on different substrate materials, from the comparison of aluminum substrate and FR-4 plate, due to the high heat dissipation of the metal substrate, the conduction is significantly improved, which explains the high heat dissipation characteristics of the aluminum substrate from another Angle. The heat dissipation of aluminum substrate is related to its insulating layer thickness and thermal conductivity. The thinner the insulation layer, the higher the thermal conductivity of the aluminum substrate (but the lower the pressure resistance). Machinability: Aluminum substrate has high mechanical strength and toughness, superior to FR-4 plate. For this purpose, a large-area printed board can be made on an aluminum substrate, on which large components can be installed. Electromagnetic shielding: In order to ensure the performance of the circuit, some components in electronic products need to prevent radiation and interference of electromagnetic waves. The aluminum substrate can be used as a shielding plate to shield electromagnetic waves. Thermal expansion coefficient: Due to the thermal expansion of FR-4 in general, and the thermal expansion of plate thickness in particular, the quality of metallized holes and lines is affected. The main reason is that the thermal expansion coefficient of the thickness of the copper in the raw material is 17 106cm/cm-C, and the FR-4 plate is 110 106cm/cm-C, and the difference is large, which is easy to produce heated substrate expansion and the change of the copper wire and the damage of the metal hole rupture on the reliability of the product. The thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum substrate is 50×106cm/cm-C, which is smaller than that of ordinary FR-4 plate and close to that of copper foil. This is conducive to ensuring the quality and reliability of the printed circuit board

Aluminum pcb applications

Audio equipments High power Lighting(such as street light. traffic control lighting.Garden light)

power supply inverter

consumer electronic products

LED display

Medical devices

Telecommunication equipments

industry control system