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Anyone can answer my questions ?--whats the multilayer pcb board ?

A multilayer circuit board is widely used in electronic devices, which consists of multiple hierarchies, each of which has circuit lines and connecting elements. Multilayer circuit board can provide higher line density and better electromagnetic compatibility than single-layer circuit board, so it has been widely used in high-end electronic products.

Multilayer pcb advantage

1. Improve performance :The high-density layout of the multilayer PCB circuit board and the connections between the inner layers make the board have obvious advantages in performance. For example, in areas such as high-speed communications and high-performance computing, multilayer PCB circuit boards can achieve lower latency and higher bandwidth.

2. Reduce costs :Although the design and manufacture of multilayer PCB circuit boards are relatively complex, its superior performance and reliability make it more cost-effective in long-term use. In addition, the upgrade and maintenance costs of multilayer PCB boards are low, helping to reduce the overall product life cycle cost.

3. Be more adaptable :Multilayer PCB circuit boards can be applied to various types of electronic products, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, automotive electronics, etc. Due to its high reliability and high performance, multilayer PCB circuit boards have a wide range of application prospects in these fields.


a. Substrate preparation: Select the appropriate substrate, usually glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin (FR-4), for cutting and leveling treatment.

b. Surface treatment: Clean, deoxidize and chemically treat the surface of the substrate to enhance adhesion.

c. Coating copper foil: A layer of copper foil is coated on the substrate to form a conductive layer.

d. Graphic etching: The graphic information of the Gerber file is transferred to the coated copper foil by lithography technology and the unprotected part is etched away using a chemical solution.

e. Hole drilling: According to the design requirements, drill holes on the board to form connecting circuits and mounting holes.

f. Metallization: After drilling, metallization of the board surface to enhance circuit connectivity.

g. Tracing line: Coating the board with a protective layer and forming the required wire path and connection by etching or chemical methods.

h. Surface treatment: Solder resistance coating and surface treatment are performed on the PCB surface as required to protect the circuit and enhance welding performance.

Component installation: Install electronic components on the PCB. This can be done manually or with automated equipment. Components can be fixed to the PCB by welding, inserting or mounting. Welding: Connect the installed component to the pad on the PCB to establish an electrical connection. This can be done by hand welding or surface mount technology (SMT). Testing and quality control: Perform functional testing, connectivity testing, appearance inspection, etc., on the PCB to ensure that the quality and performance meet the requirements.


Multilayer PCB circuit boards can be applied to various types of electronic products,Due to its high reliability and high performance, multilayer PCB circuit boards have a wide range of application prospects in these fields.