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Basic information need to know about FPC

FPC full name: Flexible Printed Circuit board (Flexible Printed Circuit board), with light weight, thin thickness, three-dimensional space can be freely bent and folded and other excellent characteristics.With the continuous progress of society, the continuous upgrading of the electronic industry, the traditional PCB can not meet the needs of all electronic products, FPC market demand is also growing, there are many friends are not very clear what FPC is, the following is a brief introduction:

What are benefits of flex pcb?

1:With high flexibility, it can reduce the volume of the product and change the shape according to the space limitation

2:Three-dimensional wiring, folding and winding, conducive to product design, but also reduce assembly time and errors

3: stable chemical performance, can improve the service life of the product, prevent static interference, safe and reliable 4: with high and low temperature resistance, fire resistance characteristics, good heat dissipation performance, multiple functions

5:can achieve miniaturization, thin, lightweight, in line with the development characteristics of electronic products, can achieve component device and wire connection integration.

Application of Flexible PCB

Consumer electronics

FPC products have important applications in the field of consumer electronics. For example, in electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, FPC products are used as flexible connection lines to connect individual components and transmit signals. The flexible and bendable properties of FPC products enable them to adapt to the design needs of different shapes and sizes of equipment, providing a better user experience.

Automotive electronics

FPC products are widely used in the field of automotive electronics. FPC products can be used in electronic devices such as dashboards, central control panels, seat regulators and in-vehicle entertainment systems inside the car to achieve functions such as signal transmission, power supply and data processing. FPC products have smaller volume and better temperature resistance, which can meet the special needs of automotive electronic equipment.

Medical equipment

FPC products are also widely used in the field of medical equipment. Due to the soft, thin and foldable characteristics of FPC products, they can be easily embedded in various medical devices, such as pacemakers, blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, etc. FPC products provide reliable signal transmission and power supply while meeting the high hygiene and durability requirements of medical devices.

Industrial control

Industrial control is another important application area for FPC products. FPC products can be used in equipment such as control panels, sensors and communication modules in industrial control systems. The flexible and reliable performance of FPC products enables them to adapt to complex conditions such as vibration and temperature changes in industrial environments, providing stable signal transmission and reliable power supply.


Because FPC products have the characteristics of thinner, flexible and reliable, they are also widely used in the aerospace field. FPC Products can be used in circuit connections, data transmission and control systems for aerospace equipment. The reliable performance and vibration resistance of FPC products enable them to adapt to complex space environments and harsh operating conditions, ensuring the normal operation of spacecraft.