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pcb assembly service pcba manufacturer
pcb assembly
pcba manufacturer

WiFi module smart home appliance control pcba

Smart home appliance control pcba
STG specializes in providing pcba manufacturing services to smart home, automotive, industrial, medical, consumer electronics, telecommunications and technology companies. Professional SMT post welding assembly one-stop service, DIP assembly, professional engineering and quality team.
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China OEM pcba manufacturer pcb assembly services

STG is a leading electronics OEM pcb assembly manufacturer in China,We have a professional technical engineer team and rich experience in pcba
processing,and strictly checks and analyzes the customer's BOM list and relatedtechnical documents. The pcba processing services we provide start
from the production of PCB circuit boards, select PCB manufacturers, and pay attention to the quality of circuit boards and pcba quality control
system. PerfectIPC, IPQC, OQA and other management processes,
printed board assembly services, clear job responsibilities, and strict implementation
of IPC electronic assembly acceptance standards.
STG adopts the industry's best multi-function placement machine, ten temperature zone reflow furnace configuration, equipped with wave soldering,
BGA rework station, AOI, X-RAY testing equipment, SMT daily production capacity of about 1 million pieces; daily average of 200,000 DIP plug-ins ,
Our product range coversvarious fields, such as consumer electronics, telecommunications, home electronics, industrial products, automotive assembly,
medical equipment, etc.

pcba,pcb assembly,pcb smt assembly
Our pcb assembly services include:
1. pcba, pcb smt assembly: SMT & PTH & BGA
2. printed board assembly and enclosure design
3. Components sourcing and purchasing
4. Quick prototyping
5. Plastic injection molding
6. Metal sheet stamping
7. Final assembly
8. pcba test: AOI, In-Circuit Test (ICT), Functional Test (FCT)
9. Custom clearance for material importing and product exporting
pcba,pcb assembly,pcb smt assembly
                                                                                                            pcba OEM factory smt pcb assembly service
One-stop OEM pcb assembly services pcba manufacturer
STG provides high-quality pcb assembly services, testing pcb printing quality, component placement quality and solder joint quality through automatic
optical inspection instruments.

pcba,pcb assembly,pcb smt assembly
Our pcba board show
pcba,pcb assembly,pcb smt assembly

Our pcb assembly craft capability
Laminate MaterialsFR4, high TG FR4, high frequency, alum, FPC
Board CuttingNumber of layers1-30
Min.thickness for inner layers0.003”(0.07mm)
(Cu thickness are excluded)
Board ThicknessStandard(0.1-4mm±10%)
Bow and twistno more than 7/1000
Copper WeightOuter Cu weight0.5-4 0z
Inner Cu weight0.5-3 0z
DrillingMin size0.0078”(0.2mm)
Drill deviation±0.002″(0.05mm)
PTH hole tolerance±0.002″(0.005mm)
NPTH hole tolerance±0.002″(0.005mm)
Solder MaskColorGreen,white,black,red,blue…
Min solder mask clearanace0.003″(0.07mm)
Min size0.006″(0.15mm)
Component SourcingYes
Tolerance of PCB±5%
Max Size of Finish Board700*460mm
MOQNO MOQ (1pcs)
Surface FinishHASL,ENIG,immersion silver,immersion tin,OSP…
PCB OutlineSquare,circle,irregular(with jigs)
Min Line/Space0.075/0.075mm

Product application
pcba,pcb assembly,pcb smt assembly          pcba,pcb assembly,pcb smt assembly           pcba,pcb assembly,pcb smt assembly
                 aerospace defense pcba                                                        automotive pcba                                             household equipment pcba

pcba,pcb assembly,pcb smt assembly          pcba,pcb assembly,pcb smt assembly           pcba,pcb assembly,pcb smt assembly
           industrial control pcb assembly                               medical equipment pcb assembly                                       robot pcb assembly

We guarantee that we will ship at least 100% of your finished pcba within the promised lead time,unless there is holiday or power failure.The assembly
order does not start until the last component is received, so occasionally there are delays in receiving material that are beyond our control
and therefore not considered as a late shipment.
The finished pcba is made of anti-static packaging material to ensure that the components are not damaged.

pcba,pcb assembly,pcb smt assembly

pcb assembly quote,printed board assembly online quote
Requested information for pcb assembly quote:
1. Gerber file of the bare PCB board
2. BOM (Bill of material) for assembly
    To short the lead time, please kindly advise us if there is any acceptable components substitution
3. Testing Guide & Test Fixtures if necessary
4. Programming files & Programming tool if necessary
Welcome to your inquiry,no matter by call or by email.We will provide you with pcba solution and pcb assembly quote.