Custom pcba board OEM/EMS service SMT asembly pcb assembly manufacturer

Custom pcba board OEM/EMS service SMT asembly pcb assembly manufacturer
PCBA & pcb assembly OEM manufacturer
STG can purchase the required materials according to the bill of materials provided by the customer, or perform PCB processing and assembly on the materials provided by the customer. Our company has a complete set of production equipment such as environmental protection workshop, high-speed SMT patch production line, plug-in assembly line, etc., and can process all kinds of electronic components with lead and lead-free.
Our pcb assembly services include:
1. PCBA, pcb assembly: SMT & PTH & BGA
2. PCBA and enclosure design
3. Components sourcing and purchasing
4. Quick prototyping
5. Plastic injection molding
6. Metal sheet stamping
7. Final assembly
8. Test: AOI, In-Circuit Test (ICT), Functional Test (FCT)
9. Custom clearance for material importing and product exporting
pcba,pcb assembly
Product overview
Layer:1-24 Layers
Solder mask:Green.Black.Red.Yellow.White.Blue
Testing Service:100% AOI ICT FCT Testing
PCBA service:Turnkey Assembly pcba Service
Material:FR-4 High TG FR-4
Special requirements:Blind Vias + Controlled Impedance +BGA

pcba,pcb assembly

Our product range covers various fields, eg. Consumer electronics, telecommunications, industrial products, automotive assembly, medical equipment, etc.
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                                   industrial control pcb assembly                                medical equipment pcb assembly                               robot pcba