PCB assembly: SMT & PTH & BGA

Design requirements of SMT placement equipment

The smt chip processing production equipment has the characteristics of automatic, high precision, high speed and high efficiency. The smt design must meet the requirements of the pcb device. The design requirements of smt chip processing production equipment include: PCB shape, size, positioning hole and clamping edge, datum mark (Mark), splice board, selection of component packaging and packaging forms, output files of PCB design, etc.

The advantages of STG's PCB SMT assembly capabilities are as follows:

1. A full range of in-line SMT equipment, screen printing with automatic optical inspection, providing excellent accuracy and excellent repeatability.

2. Allows fast setup and switchover times and can be easily reconfigured as production needs change.

3. The Aegis CAM software suite improves quality, reduces costs, and provides advanced support for batch traceability and quality reporting.

4. The unique Agilis feeding system increases productivity by initiating the loading and unloading of the feeder within seconds.

5. All components are guaranteed by 100% electrical testing.

6. Handle the placement of the component spectrum from 0201 to the trace BGA.

7. State-of-the-art rework and repair equipment.8. Internal X-ray equipment for BGA repair and inspection.