OEM/ODM/EMS Services for PCBA:

1. PCBA, PCB assembly: SMT & THT & BGA Asssembly

2. Components sourcing and purchasing                                          3. Quick prototyping                                                                        4. Final Enclosure assembly                                                              5. Test: SPI,AOI,X-ray, In-Circuit Test (ICT), Functional Test (FCT) 6. Custom clearance for material importing and product exporting

PCB Fabrication

Acceptance standard of pcb assembly components:


Standard for rework, modification and repair of electronic components:


1.Multilayer                  2.Double Sided          3.Buried /Blind Vias  4.SMOBC-LPI

5.Fine Line and High Density

6.FR4, G10, Teflon Boards  7.Gold/Nickel Plating 8.Panels, Scored Boards

* 4 wave soldering assembly lines

* 4 manual soldering assembly lines to support both    side or single side soldering.

* 2 Auto-programming machine

* 6 AOI inspection machines to ensure quality

* 8 Fuji NXT &2 YAMAHA high precise assembly lines

* 20 functional station,can do test for voltage,WIFI,GPS,GPRS,RF,etc as customer's instruction.

     STG Electronic CO.,Ltd is a leading professional electronic manufacturing service provider in China. We have up to 20 years of experience in PCB assembly and manufacturing of electronic products, providing turnkey PCB assembly services, including SMT, BGA, COB, as well as through-hole assembly, IC programming, functional testing global services. 

     STG adopts the industry's best multi-function placement machine, ten temperature zone reflow oven configuration, equipped with wave soldering, BGA rework station, AOI,ICT, X-RAY testing equipment, existing 8 high-speed SMT placement machines, 4 reflow soldering machines , 4 DIP production lines and 4 assembly lines. 8000,000 SMT points per day; 200,000 DIP plug-ins per day, complete management processes such as IQC, IPQC, OQA, etc. The products and services are widely used in automotive, electric power, communication, aerospace, medical, industrial control, computer applications and other fields.

PCB manufacturing process


pcba assembly
Medical Equipment PCBA
Medical Equipment PCBA
Industrial Equipment Control PCBA
Industrial Equipment Control PCBA
pcb assembly
Consumer Electronics PCBA
Consumer Electronics PCBA
pcb assembly service
Smart Electronics PCBA
Smart Electronics PCBA
pcba manufacturing
Home Appliance PCBA
Home Appliance PCBA

Our advantage


We strictly implement IQC,IPQC, OQA and other ISO management processes to provide the best PCBA processing services.


assembly experience and provide a full set of services from SMT, MI to ICT, AOI, FCT testing and final assembly.


We guarantee that we will ship at least 100% of your finished PCBA within the promised lead time,unless there is holiday or power failure.

We have a professional team of technical engineers, who can provide professional engineering technology and PCBA manufacturing knowledge to solve various needs of customers.


Offer Contract Turnkey Manufacturing with One-stop Service

STG can purchase components, SMT assembly, DIP assembly, functional test, case assembly, etc. according to the PCB information and BOM list provided by customers. Customize a set of complete PCBA solutions for customers.

Advanced SMT production equipment and perfect management system.

Customized production of FPC, PCB, PCBA, aluminum substrates and other single-layer and multi-layer circuit boards.

Design PCB according to customer's required size, and provide 1-24 layers of PCBA samples to mass production.

The daily production capacity of SMT is about 1 million pieces; the daily average is 200,000 DIP plug-ins.

Production Equipment

PCB Loading machine

Solder Paste Inspection System

Automatic solder paste 

printing machine

High-speed SMT machine

Reflow oven

Wave soldering furnace

Automatic PCB plate 

splitting machine

PCBA detection device

Automatic Optical Inspection

ICT testing machine

LCR tester

SMT first article inspection instrument

Functional Circuit Test

X-ray inspection

Intelligent analysis of BOM and detection of components to prevent errors and omissions.

ainly test the parameters of inductance, capacitance and resistance to ensure the quality of parts.

It can effectively guarantee the quality of PCB printing, component placement and solder joints.

Inspect all parts on PCBA, including resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, FET,SCR,LED and IC, etc., detect various shortcomings of circuit board products: line short circuit, missing parts, wrong parts, bad parts or poor assembly, etc., and clearly point out the location of shortcomings to ensure the quality of PCBA.

For electronic components, electronic components, LED components and other internal cracks, foreign body defect detection, BGA, circuit board and other internal displacement analysis; Identify BGA welding defects such as air welding and virtual welding.

Perform functional tests on the assembled circuit boards at the customer's request.



ISO9001 :2015

ISO14001 :2015


Quality Certifications


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